Canada Quebec Investor Program

The Quebec Immigrant Program (QIIP) is an effective way that provides a great platform to international investors for receiving permanent resident status in Canada. It asks a risk-free CAD 12,00,000 investment through a Quebec government entity. It is the only Canadian passive investor immigration program

The Quebec Immigrant Program, QIIP provides Canadian permanent resident status on the initial landing to the applicants as well as their family members. They can relish all the statutory benefits like health care and world-class education. Being a permanent resident, they have the right to obtain a Canadian passport as well.

Until February 23, 2018, more than 1900 applications will be granted for this intake, and out of this 1330 applications of foreign nationals like the People’s Republic of China, administrative regions of Hong Kong and Macao will be acknowledged.

The Investment

An investment of CAD 12,00,000 has to be submitted via a pre-approved financial trust company. The applicant can pay the investment employing brokers or intermediary, whereas such companies also opens-up a possibility of financing the investment and that is assured by a government of Quebec entity that should be returned right after five years.

QIIP Necessities 

Minimum net worth
As an applicant, you should come up alone or with a common-law partner A net legitimate asset of a minimum of $2,000,000 CAN other than donation received less than six months before the date of application. Assets such as property, bank accounts, stocks 7 shares, and pension funds are eligible.


The applicant should come up to settle in Quebec and sign the investment agreement to invest CAD 12,00,000 along with an approved financial intermediary. You can also take the assistance of this body for finance.

Management experience

As an applicant, you should have two years of management experience, in the past five years. Furthermore, the experience is not only limited to commercial activities but also from an international agency or government agency.

Special Note : This Program is temporary closed