USA Investor Visa

Reasons to choose USA

  • America is the country made by immigrants as it has the highest immigrants than any other country in the world.
  • USA ranks in top 10 best countries in the world for immigrants.
  • Americans are very positive, friendly and welcoming in nature.
  • USA is known for its medical inventions since ages. Patients can get the best hospitals and well trained staff in USA as its healthcare is one of the best in the world.
  • Education could be one of the top 10 reasons of moving to USA as it is having world’s renowned schools, colleges and universities no matter public or private. As per the QS ranking of universities, half of the top 20 colleges on the globe are in USA.
  • US dollar is the primary currency accepted by the world for the international transactions which proves the stability of its economy.
  • Food and housing is very much affordable in the United States in compare to other nations.
  • The unemployment ratio of USA is very low and even the country welcomes anyone from the world who is having the skills which they want as they have immense career opportunities.
  • Geographically USA is very big that it can provide more than enough space for its people to live in as well as to roam around.
  • So many breathtaking natural wonders are there in USA. Its spectacular beauty includes lakes, mountains, coastlines and variety of hiking places.
  • A person can experience all types of weather in its various provinces. Starting from so cold Alaska to so hot California. Even it has deserts as well as tropical lands too.
  • All different types of cuisines can be offered in USA. You name the food item from any corner of the world and USA will be able to serve. Even a small town of it will serve you delicious food.
  • So many travel opportunities are there in USA that one will never want to leave the country. It has some coastal areas like Florida as well as hustling and bustling city life of New York to explore. Even the Rockies and falls of USA are enchanting.

Future immigration plans of USA

USA is also planning to come up with the point base system for immigrants just like Canada. Moreover the government is also going to work on the betterment of H1 visa process. So instead of the typical draw system, government is planning to select the candidates based on their skills now.