France Student Visa

France offers a multicultural study experience to the students like to study in the country. The cities in France offer a better social life and diverse culture along with overall positivity. The students who opt for education appreciate a wide range of opportunities for fun activities.

The educational system in France is highly organized and centralized, it is divided into three categories like primary education, secondary education, and higher education. French higher education houses bachelor degrees like license and license professional degrees, master, and doctorate degrees.

Benefits of Studying in France

  • France is renowned as the 3rd leading host country in terms of higher education
  • It features a reasonable fee and offers internship programs with top companies
  • The French government also assists with accommodation & lower transportation cost
  • Free of cost French language courses through the French Government organization
  • Potential of getting European Union Visa
  • 95% guaranteed job placement along with a 95% success rate
  • Job visa for 2 years You don’t need to opt for police and medical clearance

In France, the universities teach subjects in French only and they get funds partially by the Government of France. The top-ranking colleges in France attract higher fees still you can find some good colleges as well who charge a lower fee for the study.

Tuition Fee per annum

  • The tuition fee per annum for your master degree is Euro 8000 to 18000
  • For bachelor degree, it is Euro 8000 to 14000

Opportunity for part-time work

  • As a student, you can work up to 20 hours per week along with your study
  • Earn Euro 9 per hour for your part-time work

Opportunity in Full-time work

  • Right after the completion of your study, you can avail a job search visa for 6 months to one year
  • It is also extendable after one-year work permit