Malaysia Student Visa

There are over 700 private higher educational institutions and Universities in Malaysia. Many American and British Universities have set up their campuses in Malaysia for Malaysian as well as international students who wish to study in Malaysia at a lower cost.

All these universities and courses are approved by the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia. All courses approved by a country’s Ministry of Higher Education stand approved by any other country’s Ministry of Higher Education world-wide

In the Malaysian education structure, there are six categories of educational institutions which are governed by two Ministries, namely :

  • Pre-tertiary Level
  • Tertiary Level


There are 3 intakes throughout the year.

At Pre-tertiary Level

  • Government and Private Sector Kindergartens
  • Government Schools
  • Government-aided Schools
  • Private Schools
  • Foreign System Schools

International schools and expatriate schools International schools follow an international curriculum and use English as its medium of instruction while expatriate schools follow the national educational system of other countries using the respective national language of these countries as the medium of instruction.

At Tertiary Level

  • Government-funded – public universities, polytechnics and colleges
  • Private Higher Educational Institutions
  • Private colleges
  • Private universities
  • Foreign university branch campuses